Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Pragmatic Programmer

When studying for my undergrad degree, one of my lecturers recommended the book The Pragmatic Programmer (by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas). The book is written by a couple of experienced Software Engineers and contains a wealth of useful knowledge for anyone who is considering a serious career in software development.

The topics covered range from general tips that the authors learnt from their experiences, some useful tools you should know about as a programmer, how to think when you're writing code, how to write testable code and much more. It's a mixed bag of eight chapters, with each chapter broken down into smaller digestable sections. It was the perfect companion to someone who commuted into university on the train.

I know this post isn't relevant to C# per se, but thought it may encourage you to get hold of the book and learn some useful practices that you can apply in your projects.